Clock strikes 8. Alarm goes off. Hit the snooze button. Doze for 10 minutes. Alarm goes off again. Hit the snooze button again. Doze for another 10 minutes. Alarm goes off again. Admit defeat. Get out of bed. Wash up in washroom. Clothes on. Shoes on. Out the door. Off to work. Grab coffee and toast. Arrive at work. Exchange morning pleasantries. Drink coffee. Eat toast. Check emails. Work. Lunch. Work. Exchange late afternoon pleasantries. Leave office. Arrive home. Shoes off. Clothes off. Take shower. Dinner. Channel surf. Brush teeth. Sleep. Repeat from start.

Sounds familiar? Routine?

This site is about things/observations/experiences around us that take us away from the familiar and routine. In other words, something pauseitive. Something pauseitive makes us pause and elicits a smile in the mind. It could be a flash of inspiration from somewhere unexpected. To quote a famous line from the 80’s classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day off”, something pauseitive reminds you to “stop and look around once in a while or you could miss it.”

So next time, take a different route to the office. Get off the bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Grab a pint at that new pub instead of your usual haunt. Unplug and plug in outwards.

And something pauseitive is bound to happen.


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