Beauty in chaos

Hong Kong. A city of contrasts.  Where traditional meets modern, high rise rubs shoulders with low rise, and East marries West. A place to get lost and found, and lost again.

Wandering around the city, exploring its nook and crannies, there always seems to be an invisible force at work. Walking past a skyscraper, a florist without a cash register, an old school barber shop, a glitzy department store and one of the city’s last remaining dai pai dung (open air food stall) on the same block – it beckons and pushes you further. Succumbing to it, you can’t help but to continue on  to see what lies around the corner. And returning back to the same place you started reveals more discoveries.

Below are a few random shots that attempt to capture a speck of the intricacies and nuances of Hong Kong.










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